Retro – 1988 PBS Bill Moyers “The Secret Government” (video 1hr 26 min)

Although the Controllers have virtually full control over the mainstream press and entertainment outlets a few informative presentations slip through.  This special investigating the Controllers made it.  As you watch this 1 hr 26 minute report, compare it with today’s problems.  With a few name and place changes it can easily be seen that its the same-oh-same oh.

Also while you watch this most important informative presentation keep in mind what Dr. Ron Paul is trying to get across when he said we caused the 9/11 attack by our actions in the that area of the world starting in 1953 Why? Control of Oil supply . . . . EDITOR

from PBS via youtube

For more background Go Deeper.  What was barely touched on in this special was the drug connection to the Iran-Contra Conspiracy. For that most important part of the story watch “The Mena Connection”( 2 hrs 35 mins) now posted in our viewing room.

Wanna go even Deeper?  Watch the series of videos (58 mins total), THEI Video 101.



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