Andy Basiago – Life on Mars whistleblower or crackpot?

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January 16, 2012. Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Andy Basiago first emerged into public life four years ago with sensational claims of discovering life on Mars. He wrote a White Paper in 2008 with his analysis of Mars Rover images which he claimed were conclusive proof of life of Mars and a NASA controlled cover up. Later Basiago publicly declared his participation as a child in Project Pegasus, a DARPA funded project which tested advanced technologies using children. Among these technologies was what Basiago described as “jump room” technology. This allowed the instantaneous transport through time and space. Among the places Basiago claimed to have visited is Mars. There he saw a dinosaur roving the Martian surface hungry for food – human residents lost on the surface being a delicacy for such beasts according to Basiago. Basiago’s most recent claims are even more sensational. President Obama back in 1980 was also part of the Mars program and even got to travel to Mars. Is Basiago genuinely blowing the whistle on Mars or a crackpot seeking attention? . . . read complete report


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