Controllers Stooges #2: The Schwartzkopf Family 1988

Featured Image: Norman Schwarzkopf Sr. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

From youtube uploaded by Mike Lopez  on Dec 3, 2013


From International Business Times By  on December 28 2012 10:01 AM

 Iran’s Feared SAVAK: Norman Schwarzkopf’s Father Had Greater Impact On Middle East Affairs

Widely praised for driving Saddam out of Kuwait’s rich oilfields, Schwarzkopf became an American hero and the most celebrated figure of the successful Operation Desert Shield/Storm.

However, perhaps forgotten after so many decades, the general’s father, also named Norman Schwarzkopf, had a more profound impact on another troubled spot in the Middle East — an impact that has reverberated to the present day more than fifty years after his death. . . . Read Complete Report


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