Robotic that Can See and Grasp

Featured Image: Robotic Shadow Hand holding a light bulb. CREDIT:With-permission of Richard Greenhill and Hugo Elias. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

From Science Daily

Dec. 19, 2013 — The robot effortlessly picks up one castor after another from the pile in the box and puts them into the channel. No matter how the wheels are lying, the robot manages to get an exact grip.

Operations run smoothly and automatically when assembling the various parts of an office chair at the SB Seating production unit at Røros. But when it’s time to fit the wheels, humans must intervene. The five wheels lying jumbled in a box have to be picked up and then aligned in a row before robots can take over again and attach them to the feet of the chair. Researchers from SINTEF now believe they have found a solution that could make production more effective and reduce costs . . . Read complete Report

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