Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (the banned Police State episode)

The Patriot Community has been talking about the government’s plans for concentration camps, since 911 called FEMA camps, for at least 20 years.  In this report put together by Governor Jessie Ventura for his “Conspiracy Theory” TV show, then banned from TV, we learn first hand about these camps, the expected coming Marshal Law with indefinite detention of dissidents against the police state we are hurling down the road to enter, and other bad signs the interviewed government officials can only answer when questioned about them with a ‘no comment.” Also learn about the “residential centers” that the government is building for our own good. Scary stuff!  Must watch ***** . . . EDITOR


  1. joe cioppi says:

    This episode shows that the police state is already active and we don’t know what acts against american citizens have already been carried out. This is the most frightening expose I’ve ever seen.

    The country seems to be lost with no way back.

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