Entertainment is Propaganda – Propaganda is Entertainment Part 1: The “Magic World” of Disney

Shadow Government & Hollywood

* YOU ARE BEING BRAIN WASHED ! conditioned and programmed by Government , Hollywood. WAKE UP USA !



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Hollywood Produces Government Propaganda Films

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Published on May 4, 2016

(((Subscribe))) now for more! http://bit.ly/1QHJwaK Hollywood has a long history of producing government propaganda films masked as innocent entertainment. From Disney using Donald Duck to persuade people to pay their income taxes in The Spirit of ’43 to blockbuster films like Red Dawn and Zero Dark Thirty. Media analyst Mark Dice reveals the true power of American cinema.

The “Wonderful” World of Disney

Published on Jul 9, 2015

The Spirit of ’43 is an American animated World War II propaganda film created by Walt Disney Studios in 1942 and released in January 1943. The film stars Donald Duck, and arguably contains the first appearance of the character Scrooge McDuck, although Scrooge is not named in the film. It is a sequel to The New Spirit. The purpose of the film is to encourage patriotic Americans to file and pay their income taxes faithfully in order to help the war effort. The repeated theme in the film is “Taxes…To Defeat the Axis.”

In the film, Donald Duck is portrayed as an everyman who has just received his weekly pay. He is met by two physical manifestations of his personality — the classic “good angel on one shoulder, bad devil on the other shoulder” dilemma common to cartoons of the time — identified as the “thrifty saver” and the “spendthrift.”

And for Canadian audiences…

1942 All Together

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Walt Disney as a propaganda tool of the Shadow Government used his famous and popular cartoon creations to make people not only support the war with their hard earned money but also not to question the war at all. Did he do this as a sign of patriotism or for financial gain? You be the judge...

Disney & the C.I.A. Created Disneyworld

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Published on Apr 24, 2013

Disney established Disneyworld in Florida in a far reaching conspiracy that was aided by the C.I.A. and congress. These shady dealings with the government have come to light in the book, Finding Florida by T.D. Allman, and is discussed by Tabetha Wallace and Tyrel Ventura of Buzzsaw.

How and Why Walt Disney Is Trying To Corrupt You and Your Children

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Uploaded on Jul 22, 2011

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Similar to Farhan’s ‘Illuminati Symbolism In Movies’ video,this one of his looks at Disney movies and explains how/why all these subliminals and symbolism is put in them, as well as the effect it has on children and society.

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