Retro: UFO Hunters: Underground Bases, Dulce, N.M. (History Channel Video)

I first heard about the Dulce underground bases back in the late 80s.  Someone who wishes to remain unnamed sent me copies of the Dulce Papers in 1992. Since then I have become friends with several of the original investigators.  If someone asked me where on earth would be the best place to look for underground bases, I would have to say that Dulce is the most likely place to look.  Here is what the UFO Hunters found and presented on the History Channel in 2009.  For those who would like to keep up with the Dulce story there is a great active yahoo group that welcomes interested members, Dulce Base Investigators. Tell ‘um Dennis Crenshaw sent you  . . . EDITOR

Further Research

Probing Deeper Into The Dulce ‘Enigma’ by John RHodes

Go DEEPER:To read my 3 part research report, “Secret Underground Tunnels, Past and Present” start here: Part 1: The Meso-American Connection

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