Who is behind the anti-legalization of Marijuana Movement? Follow The Money





Judge Jim Gray on The Six Groups Who Benefit From Drug Prohibition

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Uploaded on Mar 8, 2010

In 1992, Jim Gray, a conservative judge in conservative Orange County, California, held a press conference during which he recommended that we rethink our drug laws. Back then, it took a great deal of courage to suggest that the war on drugs was a failed policy.

Today, more and more Americans are coming to the realization that prohibition’s costs—whether measured in lives and liberties lost or dollars wasted—far exceed any possible or claimed benefit



Americas Now— Private Prisons in the U.S. Make Big Profits 04/04/2016

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Big Alcohol is bankrolling anti-pot efforts

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Published on Sep 15, 2016

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“THE FIGHT AGAINST legalized pot is being heavily bankrolled by alcohol and pharmaceutical companies, terrified that they might lose market share.

On the heels of a filing last week that revealed that a synthetic cannabis company is financing the opposition to legal marijuana in Arizona comes a new disclosure this week that a beer industry group made one of the largest donations to an organization set up to defeat legalization in Massachusetts.

The Beer Distributors PAC, an affiliate that represents 16 beer-distribution companies in Massachusetts, gave $25,000 to the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy Massachusetts, tying it for third place among the largest contributors to the anti-pot organization.”



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A QUARTER Of Beer Drinkers Have Switched To Weed

YouTube ~ The Young Turks

Published on Mar 19, 2017

The alcohol lobby is not going to take this lying down.

Big Pharma Terrified That Medical Marijuana Will Kill Their Deadly Opioid Business

YouTube ~ The Young Turks

Published on Sep 18, 2016

Major pharmaceutical companies are pulling out their check books to defeat marijuana legalization efforts around the country, and documents show that the industry is terrified about the prospects of medical marijuana eating into their opioid painkiller profits

Personal Experience

Twenty years ago my wife and I were hauling a boat from Florida to Texas going West on Interstate 95.  Just outside of Beaumont Texas we were stopped by a Beaumont Drug Task Force team just at dusk.  They said I had a burned out taillight on the boat.  I said, “Sorry I hadn’t noticed and I would pull into the next station and get it fixed.”

 Then they asked me if they could search my van. I said that I didn’t feel like a burned out taillight warranted a search of my vehicle and I said no.  They said that if I didn’t let them they would bring up a drug dog.  I said fine. After about 30 minutes a K9 officer and his dog showed up. They told me and my wife to step out of the vehicle and proceeded to walk the dog around my vehicle. The dog hit on the drivers door. They asked me if I had any drugs in the car and I said no.  Then they asked me why would the dog hit on my door.  I said “It was probably because I am a 30 year pot smoker and had smoked a joint in the van before leaving Florida (there is no law against smoking pot, only for possession) but that I wasn’t dumb enough to travel “with a stash” especially in their State. I also asked them “Who would be bringing pot INTO Texas when Texas was the origin of most of the marijuana in the South” and if they were looking for drugs wouldn’t it be more productive to be searching for drugs on the EAST bound lanes heading out of Texas. Of course they didn’t like that answer and got all huffy. (We all knew they were not looking for drugs, they were looking for drug money to confiscate). They then put their German Shepherd inside my van. Of course after running around inside my van for about 10 minutes the dog came up empty.

Next they asked me why I was pulling a boat for Florida to Texas.  I answered “Last time I looked there was no law against me pulling my legally owned and registered boat on the highway and that it was none of their business.”

Then they ran their dog all around the boat and put him inside the boat.  No hit.  Next they proceeded to start ripping the carpet up off the floorboard of the boat.  I said “Wait a minute, did your dog hit on anything in the boat?”  The officer who was standing with my wife and I beside the highway said no but with the wind the dog might have missed something and they were going to look under the floor of the boat.

 After ripping my carpet up they pulled out a tool kit and took the screws out of the floorboard, pulled the plywood back and, using a long probe, started jamming holes in the foam insulation.  After 3 hours of us standing by the highway like common criminals they gave up and let us go on our way with the damaged boat. They had found nothing.

Now that 20 years has passed since that incident, and the statute of limitations has run out I just want to tell those Beaumont Gestapo creatures one thing.

You dumb asses missed the $20,000 I had hidden in the foam insulation with your probe by 2 inches. Better luck next time you assholes. . . Your editor Dennis Crenshaw  


YouTube ~ David Vose

Police seizing assets, keeping the cash

YouTube ~ CNN

Tennessee Cop Robs Driver Of $22,000 After Traffic Stop

YouTube ~ RippDemUp TV

Dig a Little DEEPER:  Border Wars, Drug Wars & Pot Prohibition


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