The Frist Step in the War against American Dissidents and the Coming Police State (Video)

Welcome to the dawning of a new Police State

When I was in my youth I took part in many peaceful demonstrations, and watched all the violent ones from my front row TV screen.  I’m sure you have too. That means we both can tell the difference between the two. Is this a peaceful demonstration on the part of the demonstrators?  Sure, one guy threw a char into the street. But look at the rest of the citizen’s behind the protestors lines. Shouting but easy to see most are just standing together peacefully.    Check out the guy setting on his lawn chair between the crowd of demonstrators and the S.S. looking police. Taking an old saying from an old lady and changing the last word my question is “Where’s the violence?” The only violence I see in this video is from the militant police. Rubber bullets, tear gas, percussion grenades, guns being pointed at lawful protestors.  How long before it becomes real bullets, mustard gas, live grenades and pulling the trigger?

I predict (and I never predict) that it’s going to be a long hot year of unrest.  And this summer is only the start.  People are wising up and after whichever Controller president we end up with continues to screw the people the frustration will come out in the streets. . . EDITOR

Watch this report closely . . . it’s the future. . . EDITOR

Is this video from a 3rd World Police State? Afraid not . . .

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