Drive-In Saturday Night Double Feature “The Girl Can’t Help It” Starring Jane Mansfield + Second Rock and Rollin’ Feature & Selected Short Subjects

“The Girl Can’t help” was the first major movie dedicated to Rock and Roll to be high-budget, in Color and, while the story line is a little silly, it features some of the great Rock and Roll songs and artist of the time.  Lots of Fun. . . Your Editor Dennis Crenshaw

The Girl Can’t help It 1956 Full Movie

Drive-in Intermission 8 – Drive-In Movie Ads : Drive in Intermission 1960’s

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This is my favorite cartoon of all time.  Every time I watch it I see stuff in the background I missed before.  After you watch it you’l have to agree with  me.  More artwork went into the making of this feature than any other cartoon ever. And now it’s in COLOR! Enjoy. . . Your Editor Dennis Crenshaw


POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN: Meets Sindbad the Sailor (1936) (Remastered) (HD 1080p)

Published on Dec 3, 2013

Drive In Movie Memories

Published on Jun 2, 2014

This is the era I grew up in. I loved every bit of it

1949 Batman and Robin Serial Chapter 3

Next Week: Special Dusk Til Dawn Presentation: Tribute to H.B. Halicki “Gone in 60 Seconds”

H.B. Halicki death – KNBC 4 Los Angeles 1989


Published on Jan 14, 2015

Lead story from KNBC Channel 4 News on August 20, 1989, when Gone in 60 Seconds filmmaker H.B. “Toby” Halicki died in a freak accident on the set of Gone in 60 Seconds 2.
R.I.P. Toby…

Gone in 60 seconds (1974) Trailer

Published on Nov 1, 2009

Awesome movie: Original Gone in 60 seconds (1974) Movie trailer. You should absolutely see this movie if you didn’t!!! A full hour of non-stoping car chase with the beautiful 1973 Mustang Eleanor!!!


2nd Featured Film

Shake, Rattle & Rock

Published on Apr 9, 2015

Dig a Little DEEPER: Drive-In Saturday Night

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