Saturday Night Drive-In Dusk to Dawn: Tribute to H.B. Halicki “Gone in 60 Seconds”

H.B. Halicki death – KNBC 4 Los Angeles 1989


Published on Jan 14, 2015

Lead story from KNBC Channel 4 News on August 20, 1989, when Gone in 60 Seconds filmmaker H.B. “Toby” Halicki died in a freak accident on the set of Gone in 60 Seconds 2.
R.I.P. Toby…

B-Movie Roll-Out: H. B. Halick

B-Movie Roll-Out

Published on Aug 7, 2014

Season 3, Episode 5 of the B-Movie Roll-Out examines the films of H. B. “Toby” Halicki, an stuntmaster turned independent filmmaker. This episode discusses the original “Gone in 60 Seconds” (1974), “The Junkman” (1982), “Deadline Auto Theft” (1983), and the unfinished “Gone in 60 Seconds: 2” (1989), which starts H. B. Halicki and Hoyt Axton. This is meant as a tribute and as a retrospective.

Gone in 60 Seconds – Full Movie Original (1974)

Azzra Ashraf

Published on Jan 9, 2014

Maindrian Pace (H.B. Halicki) is a master car thief who heads an elaborate organization of professionals. Using an insurance investigation company as a front, Pace and his associates buy junked cars from accident scenes, steal new autos of the same model and color, then switch the serial numbers for resale. It’s a lucrative business, but when some shady characters offer them 400,000 dollars to deliver 50 specific luxury vehicles, the challenge is too much to pass up. The burglars put on disguises and waste no time in lifting limousines, official racecars, and Rolls-Royces (even stopping by a television studio to steal actor Lyle Waggoner’s convertible). When Pace discovers that a recently stolen Cadillac has a million dollars worth of heroin in the trunk, he destroys the car and the drugs, which infuriates his adversarial partner, Eugene (Jerry Daugirda). Just as Pace is stealing a bright yellow Mustang (code-named Eleanor), the Los Angeles police department gives chase, tipped off by Eugene’s anonymous call. This leads to the meat of the film, a wild 40-minute pursuit which takes Pace and the police through five cities and leads to the destruction of 93 cars. Gone in 60 Seconds was a big hit for first time director/writer/producer/star H.B. Halicki, and inspired a big-budget remake in 2000.

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Also Selected Short Subjects

Batman and Robin ~ Chapter 4

Batman and Robin, Episode 4: “Batman Trapped!” (1949)



Next Week:  “Lonely are The Brave” Starring Kirk Douglas plus Second Great Kirk Douglas Feature and Selected Short Subjects

Special Short Subject:

H.B. “Toby” Halicki estate auction, July 1992


Published on Jul 12, 2015

From July 1992: ET story about the upcoming estate auction of H.B. “Toby” Halicki’s vintage toy and memorabilia collection, three years after his death. I went there and bought a small lot of model cars and a 45 record of “Gone in 60 Seconds”/”Lois Lane Blues” from the movie soundtrack. From a rather worn VHS tape.


(Looney Toons): Hollywood Steps Out (1941)™ Cartoon Channel

2nd Feature Presentation

The Junkman (1982) FULL MOVIE

Gavin Morse

Published on Jun 19, 2014

I present to you The Junkman from 1982 in full. I didn’t see the full movie anywhere on Youtube so I decided to upload it.

Bonus Movies

Deadline Auto Theft (1983) Full Movie

Car Chase Wonderland 2

Published on Mar 7, 2017

Deadline Auto Theft is a 1983 independent film written and directed by H.B ‘Toby’ Halicki, made up of scenes from Gone in 60 Seconds and The Junkman, as well as new material featuring Hoyt Axton.

Gone In 60 Seconds 2 [1988] (Full Movie)

Danny Seville Published on Mar 8, 2017

Bonus-Bonus Movie: Nicolas Cage – Gone in Sixty Seconds 2000 – Angelina Jolie / Action / Crime / Thriller

Teresa Skinner Published on Apr 12, 2016

Dig a Little DEEPER: Drive-In Saturday Night

Don’t forget to replace your speaker before you pull out! (Did I say that right?)

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