The Black Knight Satellite Conspiracy

The Black Knight Satellite Conspiracy

Published on Sep 18, 2017

Read Full Description ! A longtime mystery. Contrary to most skeptics and “info” within this mystery, there is much data going back a lot further into our past, indicating that there very well have been (or be) something to this mysterious “satellite.” A VERY important point – There are many images of a rogue solar blanket people mistake for this purported satellite. (makes up the majority of images when you search google for this satellite) This image has been proven false as part of this video will clearly show. HOWEVER – this DOES NOT discount in ANY way some of the older data available decades ago that seems to simply no longer exist. Hmm. (there was data involving this mystery satellite decades before there brief moment where a solar blanket got lose from an astronaut – [included in video] ) After watching this, don’t be surprised if you start looking more into this mystery… and move onward down the wormhole.

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