Deep Ocean Mysteries and Wonders (video)

  For at least the past 20 years of my research I have reported that I have come to the conclusion  that UFOS and most of the other  phenomenon happenings on our little world we are mystified by can be solved by looking at and into the earth itself.  Science needs to spend more time and funded money looking into the waters  of our mysterious space ship. . .  after all water is 2/3 of the makeup of our “blue Planet.”

Once certain facts are realized, open minded people  will come to the same conclusion that these pages are dedicated to supporting. . . 

The beings and advanced aircraft seen in our skies constantly since man started to look up are actually our Co-Planetarians. Due to thought manipulation  the Controllers and their savant have, almost universally, convinced the people  that, “although the advance flying machines do not exist they do  come from outer space.” (Now that’s a chance to argue with yourself.)

With some research any interested person  will realize that the whole “from outer space” answer to UFOs and those differing types of strange beings that show up around the world from time to time is actually part of a disinformation program  devised by the one-track-mind-set of the establishment funded scientific community,  the military, the intelligence community along with the help of the most important (in this case) media and entertainment industry. In other words, the Controllers and their servants.

When the government tells me something, I realize that in actuality most of the information given out by our marvelous government agency’s  is insidious. So in this case when they started telling us to  “look Up” for these answers I , being the skeptic that I am, started to look down, LOOK DOWN!

Here’s a great video report from deep down. Enjoy!. . . EDITOR 

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