Pole Shift Data Coverup – 2012?

from Modern Survival Blog

March 11, 2012, Submitted by: Ken

The NOAA National Geophysical Data Center has updated (revised – massaged) their magnetic north pole-shift positional data and has projected the location of the pole through 2015. The pole shift, if you will, continues to race along in the same direction since it dramatically accelerated back in the mid 1990′s. But…

NOAA made some significant and apparently linear changes to the pole location data going back to the years 2001 through 2010. The most noticeable result of the changes that they made was an overall linear slow down of the shift during the past decade, although still currently high at 30 miles per year. They have projected positional data through 2015 and have slowed the pace of movement each subsequent year from 30 miles (2012) to 24 miles (2015).

No apparent reason for the change was listed. . . . read complete report w/ great graphics


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  1. leotards says:

    2012 really be the end of the world!

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