Judge Rules Police Dash Cam Videos Can Be Kept Secret (video report)

Here is a perfect example of how the Controllers and their pals use time to dull our minds to get something they originally intended in the first place.  I remember when police dash cams were introduced.  Those of us who protested that such a move would end up as a method to violate a person’s civil rights were fed the “good reason” for such a system by government lackeys and their media:  The presence of cameras in police cars will be a visual record helping to protect the citizens rights when it comes to search, and arrest. . . . Right!

  Hey cop-type guys, you can’t have it both ways!. . . EDITOR

To get a perspective of the abilities of some of the latest generation of police car cameras here is a  Sample Video of the Amazing Police Car Camera Zoom 2000X from Martel Electronics.

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