Key witness to RFK assassination says Sirhan Sirhan didn’t act alone (w /video)

from yahoo News

A key witness to the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy has retracted her official statements in the case and now claims that convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan did not act alone.

Nina Rhodes-Hughes, 78, tells CNN that the FBI “twisted” her original statements to authorities. In recent court filings led by California Attorney General Kamala Harris, state prosecutors argue that even if there were a second gunman on the scene, Sirhan is still guilty of murder.

“What has to come out is that there was another shooter to my right,” Rhodes told CNN. “The truth has got to be told. No more cover-ups.” . . . Read Complete Report

video from CNN News

CBS NEWS archive, “Assassination of RFK” via youtube

Dig DEEPER: A good place to start is the Kennedy Assassination Page

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