ForgeryGate: A Simple Guide To Obama’s Fraud

Continuing to cover stories that the mainstream media has decided not to follow, but we here at THEI think you should know. . . . EDITOR

from the Western Center for Journalism 

April 28, 2012 By

Many experts have weighed in on the analysis of Obama’s “certificate of live birth” and concluded that it is a forgery culminating in a probable cause finding of forgery and fraudulent document(s) by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office on March 1st of this year.  All of these methods used complicated computer software and other forensic methods to establish that the document Obama’s Administration posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 was a forgery.

Through all of this, we have not heard one peep out of Obama or his handlers and agents about this matter; they believe that if they ignore this issue, the media will bury the story along with yesterday’s garbage.

This is a serious Constitutional crisis and breach of federal law; however, all we get from the media, the press corps, attorney general, and legislators is a “let them eat cake” and the “devil may care” attitude. In the first instance. . . . Read Complete Report

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