Retro: Archaeology and Curses (w/ Video)

from Archaeology Expert

Author: Grahame Johnston

Updated: 2 November 2010

Anyone having a momentary thought about curses would hardly couple them with anything related to archaeology. Or would they? Is there any connection? It is true that archaeologists locate many ancient artifacts that contain writings that when deciphered or translated reveal calculated curses.

It is also true that many rumors have developed into grand stories of curses that strike down archaeologists or any other would-be intruder into the bowels of a tomb or some other sacred centre.

The Curse of the Mummy

King Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt is one of the most famous of the archaeological curse stories. Howard Carter had led an Egyptian archaeological expedition and up until and after the discovery of Tutankhamun’s Tomb, had not noticed any particular anomalies on the site . . . Read Complete Report

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King Tut’s Tomb Discovered

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The tomb of Tutankhamen, the Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt, was discovered by Howard Carter in 1923. The tomb in the Valley of the Kings was nearly intact when it was found and the discovery sparked worldwide press attention. Thus, Tutankhamen is now one of the most popular and widely recognized of Pharaohs. King Tut ruled 1333 BC – 1324 BC. He began his reign at the age of nine. . . . SOURCE

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