Retro: Hunting for Nazi submarines in Argentina


By Nina E. Tveter

Seven submarines are said to have transported about 350 German Nazi officers to Argentina after World War II. The Argentinians have hired experts in underwater exploration from NTNU to help find the wrecked submarines.

In the 1970s, an Argentinian newspaper editor received a letter from an individual who reported that he had come to Argentina in a submarine after the Second World War. This submarine commander wrote that Hitler had ordered him to fill 10 submarines, each with 50 officers and crew, and to sail to Argentina to found a new Reich. Seven submarines are said to have reached their destination.

The newspaper editor regarded this as just another tall story. The letter was filed away, and was forgotten. Right up to last year, that is, when the newspaper editor received a second letter from yet another submarine commander who recounted a similar tale. . . . Read Complete Report

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