Retro: UFO Sucks Up Water From Lake Gosford Australia 1994 (w/video report)

Over my years of investigating UFOs I have read and heard a lot of stories of UFOs involvement in some way with bodies of water.  As early as the Airship Mysteries of the 1800s there have been a few stories describing unidentified aircraft actually taking on water. Could water have something to do with the “fuel” used to propel some of the unknowns?  Here is, what I believe to be, one of the best documented cases involving a UFO taking on water. In particular eyewitness documentation that cannot be brushed off with the usual skeptical “answers.” . . . EDITOR

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The Gosford UFO incident of 1994 where several upstanding and highly credible townsfolk including business owners,policemen,retired academics etc.. witnessed an unknown object taking up water from a lake . . . SOURCE

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