The Planet X Nibiru Files

Illustration: Degree of tilt from NIbiru passing Earth. SOURCE

Note: This information is provided to give you a chance to hear all viewpoints.  That does not mean we here at THEI necessarily subscribe to all we post.  Just being fair. (Or, more bluntly. just in case they are right I am covering my ass.).. . . EDITOR

from The Church of Critical Thinking

Planet X Nibiru Projected Orbital Return 2012
Greetings and Welcome to the Planet X Files!

The equations that follow are real. The numbers have not been changed to protect the innocent. The consequences will be real. I’ve done my very best to keep it simple so anyone can follow along and understand. There are no “doomsday” predictions here, but this event will take place. Knowing this can save the life of you and yours. My personal advice should headlines start creeping around by 2010? By late 2012 = stay away from the coasts. . . . go to web site.

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