What caused the mystery of the Dark Day?

Photo: Total Solar eclipse 1999 in France. CREDIT Original image by Luc Viatour.

from BBC (UK)

18 May 2012 Last updated at 07:19 ET

By Tom de Castella BBC News Magazine

Three centuries ago in parts of North America, a strange event turned morning to night. It remains wreathed in mystery – so what caused the Dark Day?

Halfway through the morning the sky turns yellow. Animals run for cover and darkness descends, causing people to light candles and start to pray. By lunchtime night has fallen. Is it the end of the world?

The Dark Day, as it’s become known, took place on May 19, 1780 in New England and parts of eastern Canada. For the past 232 years historians and scientists have argued over the origins of this strange event.

Today there are many theories. Was it the result of volcanic eruption, fire, meteor strike – or something more sinister? . . . Read Complete Report


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