Massive experimental drone takes to skies above Edwards AFB (Video)

A bigger, better way to spy on Americans . . . Editor

Photo: The Phantom Eye, Boeing’s unmanned aerial vehicle, made its first flight at Edwards Air Force Base. (Bob Ferguson / Boeing Co. / June 1, 2012) SOURCE

from Los Angeles Times

By W.J. Hennigan

June 4, 2012, 12:49 p.m

A massive experimental drone designed by Boeing Co. engineers to fly for up to four days at a time completed its first test flight above the Mojave Desert at Edwards Air Force Base.

The drone, called Phantom Eye, and its hydrogen-fueled propulsion system have the potential to vastly expand the reach of military spy craft. The longest that reconnaissance planes can stay in the air now is about 30 hours.

In the test flight, which took place Friday, the Phantom Eye circled above Edwards at about 4,080 feet above Edwards for 28 minutes. After touching down, the vehicle had problems when the landing gear dug into the lake bed and broke.

The Chicago-based company said engineers are assessing the damage but added that they plan on putting the Phantom Eye through more demanding test flights in the future. . . . Read Complete Report

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