What Can People Do To Stop the TSA and the Gestapo, The Department of Homeland Security DHS? (w/video)

While I’m not quite ready to call for secession I do believe there is enough important information with an understanding of the truth in this Op-Ed video report to add to the THEI Archives. As with any report we publish here at THEI we may not agree with every position the presenter makes. That’s where it is your responsability to do your own research and decide for yourself.

Anyway its scary stuff. . . . EDITOR

(Insiders Hint: You can listen to the program while browsing through the pages of THEI. Live dangerously ! GO DEEPER

from youtube

Published on Jun 13, 2012 by

The Department of Homeland Security was created by the Nazi regime and none of us want to live under Nazis. Every day, they close the curtain of freedom, a little more.
We have to act, but buying guns is not the answer. They will kill you by the tens of millions! We must spread the truth. The truth is poison to any dictator!

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