Big Bang theory a bust: Scientist claims there’s something out there

Diagram: Illustrates the “big bang” theory. This work has been released into the public domain by its author, Gnixon at the wikipedia project

According to the theory the universe started as a tight, hot, pressurized ball of energy that suddenly bust forth to expand into, and continues to expand into, the Universe we thank we know today. . . EDITOR 

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By Claire Connelly,

Technology Reporter

June 14, 2012 10:24AM

WHAT if there was an entire universe that existed before the Big Bang? This is the theory of a leading Oxford University scientist who claims to have evidence of stars and galaxies that existed long before the universe as we know it formed, The Daily Mail reported. . . . Read Complete Report

The Big Bang Theory

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    For purposes of practical application, science needs to move beyond the big bang theory. The technology that will open the door of the next age will not be found by observing outer space but by understanding how particles are constructed. The geometry of outer space vectors down into quantum space (q. space) and so, one defines the other. Current technology can avail science to quantum studies more readily than cosmological pursuits. Contemporary science can’t produce a signal strong enough or fast enough to get the information we need about outer space. However, we can produce a signal capable of charting the inside of a neutron. This can be done by theorizing the geometry of space and then producing a computer program capable of finding the frequency necessary to get us inside of an “electron conduit”.

    Electrons flow from the sun in quantum conduits of varying sizes but one geometrical configuration. Within these conduits, electron flow is directional. Logically, relative opposing pressure is what we’re looking for. In other words, we need to match the frequency of the conduit to the direction we want to send a signal. Most importantly, the frequency signature needs to contour to the geometry of space or in this scenario q. space! This is why advanced craft are configured in a certain way.

    What we are ultimately talking about is “other dimensional science”. [more…]

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