Special Research Report – The Controllers Plans: “the times they are a-changin.”

Thoughts From an Underground Insider  Issue# 2011- 2 Dec. 4, 2011

Dennis Crenshaw – Editor

Reporting from Jacksonville, Florida USA

Author of Secrets of Dellschau: The Sonora Aero Club and the Airships of the 1800s (2009)

As Insiders, we all realize that the major financial problems that we face today – actually the whole world’s financial problems – are nothing more than the present phase of the Controllers blueprint for their self-serving plan of a fascist/socialist One World Order.  We’ll look at the worldwide steps towards the One World Odor (not a misprint) by the controllers in another report.

In the good ol’ USA the present high unemployment and financial situation is ‘Plan B’ of part of the globalist plan. Following their failed attempt to slip the North American Union pact past the people during the second Bush regime they fell back to “Plan ‘B.”

Applying Conspiracy Science

Recently during an interview with my long time friend Tom Donahue on “Unraveling the Secrets” he used the words “Conspiracy Science.”  It struck me later. What’s Conspiracy science? After some thought I think I know what he meant. After a person has studied conspiracies for a long period of time they began to recognize distinct formulas through the methods used as the controllers move their One World Order agenda forward.

The formula most of us recognize first as we study the Controllers methods is what I call the “action formula.”  (1) Take advantage of, or create a situation, placing blame on an opposition force.  Expand on the severity of the situation.    (2) Tell the citizens that government has a way to fix the situation, but at a price. (3)  Undo the situation that was either created or escalated by the use of the controlled press at the same time taking citizen’s rights, money and property for “the good of the state”.  The main goal – a World controlled by people of their choosing; and naturally operating under the controllers watchful eyes.

The Art of Taking Control of a Society

After World War II as all the men came home – for obvious reasons – there was a huge spike in child birth. These children became known as “baby boomers.”  By the 1950s, and as these children were starting to learn their values, the Controllers advertizing agents realized what a propaganda machine they had in the television set. Soon at least one of these propaganda machines was in every home in America. The age of materialism had arrived.

In 1776 the groundwork had begin to be put in place to control the newly formed upper educational institutions [Go Deeper – Who Controls Knowledge?]In the newly formed united States.

By the late 1960s the federal government had wrenched control of the individual states “free” school systems using the excuse they must force segregation while doing just the opposite –  increasing separation of the people by the use of their propaganda media to keep the problem at the forefront of events even up until present times. EDITOR’S NOTE: My research indicates that the horror of our segregated system was starting to heal itself naturally through the growing popularity of Black Blues and Rock and Roll music. We’ll look into that aspect in a future report.

The controlled schools began to teach something different than George Washington, Henry Ford or Grover T. Washington as American Historical figures. They began to teach “diversification.”  No longer were we Americans… we became hyphenated-Americans, Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Afro-Americans and on and on – the controllers used their control of education to facilitate the age old system of divide and concur.

Except for several times when the international bankers tightened the printing presses up between the 1950s & 1990s and printed fewer of their fiat “dollars” the Controllers let the good times roll. During that time the controller’s constant propaganda turned the whole society into a society that worshiped “stuff.”  Much like the snake eating its own tail, the workers of America are, naturally, the consumers of all the “stuff” they invented, built and produced.

Over the last 60 years the most of the hard working baby boomers were able to accumulate wealth in the form of savings, homes and all the trappings that are required for a happy and enjoyable retirement.  Of course the government’s promise of Social Security made many Americans complacent and therefore they will become totally dependent on the small SS check they will end up with.  And for those who sacrificed other wants to insure they had a retirement home and savings for their declining years its time for the controllers to take back those assets to insure that people will not complain because all they will be worrying about is the government check that they will depend on just to live out their days.  With no jobs, foreclosure on their homes, devaluing their 401k’s and them having to use their retirement savings to live on during these times the retired baby boomers will end up with nothing but that government check. Instead of watching our government they’ll be anxiously watching for that electronic post to their accounts. Complete control of their lives.

According to a Wikipedia posting, “Wealth in the United States”:
Changes in wealth after 2007
Household net worth fell from 2007 to 2009 by a total of $17.5 trillion or 25.5%. This was the equivalent loss of one year of GDP.[5] By the fourth quarter of 2010, the household net worth had recovered by a growth of 1.3 percent to a total of $56.8 trillion. An additional growth of 15.7 percent is needed just to bring the value to where it was before the recession started in December 2007.[2]
As the One World Order Turns … to be continued

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