Canada! Happy Cannabis Day 2012!

Although I’m two days late (all that tokin’ in the ’70s) I want to wish the many Canadian Insiders who have been loyal to THEI all these years Happy Cannabis Day 2012! (you too Gene L.O.L.) . . . EDITOR

from Cannabis Culture Magazine

CANNABIS CULTURE – Happy Cannabis Day 2012! July 1 is not only Canada’s birthday, it’s a day to celebrate our love and respect for the cannabis plant and to educate others about the benefits of marijuana legalization.

With its humble beginnings back in 1977, Cannabis Day actually predates Canada Day, which was known as Dominion Day until 1982. The protest has grown from a small group of activists into a huge gathering of passionate potheads. . . . Read Complete Report

from youtube

Cannabis/Canada Day July 1 2012 Vancouver Art Gallery

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Cannabis/Canada Day July 1 2012 Vancouver Art Gallery

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