The Secret KGB Abduction Files – UFO’s Underground Evidence (Roger Moore) (full video)

As my personal research has indicated we might do better to look for evidence inside our planet in the quest for the so-called Aliens and their advanced aircraft. Russia’s secret research “Project Isis.”  indicates that I might be right. But, is this film Fact or Fiction? You decide. . . EDITOR


This is a diagram dawn in the 80s by Max Fyfield showing the inner passages and chambers of the great pyramid. The passages and underground passages drawn in red are additional areas Max believes exist but have not been found yet. The Russian Project Isis seems to agree with some of Max’s beliefs. CREDIT: MAX Fyfield SOURCE: THEI Archive

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Uploaded by on Mar 21, 2011. This video, moderated by Roger Moore, discusses evidence of KGB involvement in UFO research after the second world war. It looks at possible Alien involvement in the building of the pyramids, as well as video evidence of a crashed saucer.

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