Dead Dogs for Obama

I for the life of me can not understand why the liberal arm of the Controllers Party are fighting against requiring people to have ID’s to vote. We need ID’s to do everything else in this planet.  We even have our own  personal ID number. Although the Americans of the time were told that the SS number would NEVER be user as ID today you need it everywhere to do everything.

We have a lot at stake in our elections so it seems to me that to have an ID to vote is a no brainer. But then again maybe the lefties have a good reason to want voters not to have to present IDs to vote. . . . EDITOR

from WND


by Roger Hancock

Roger Hancock exposes voter registration of animals, deceased, illegals

Voter fraud is the big issue that may decide the outcome of this election

In Seattle, Wash., last month, Brenda Charlston received a voter registration form in the mail from the Voter Participation Center with all the blanks filled in for “Rosie Charlston,” her black Labrador who died in 1988

The Obama supporting center says it has mailed some 5 million forms using commercially available databases to target Democratic-leaning groups such as unmarried women. What did they use in the Brenda/Rosie mailing? The dead dog mailing list? . . . Read complete report

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