Retro: Forty years later, debate over ‘Momo the Missouri Monster’ lingers (w/video)

from The Kansas City Star 

BY JIM SALTER The Associated Press

Posted on Sat, Jul. 14, 2012 12:20 PM

LOUISIANA, MO. — The Sasquatch-like creature stood tall like a man – just bigger, stinkier and hairier – cradling a dead dog under one arm and growling. The stench from ole’ Big Foot was horrific and sickening before the creature darted back into the rural Missouri woods.

Or, none of that happened and teenagers punked the world.

Either way, for a couple of weeks 40 years ago, tiny Louisiana, Mo., was the center of attention as people came from around the nation to help search for the mysterious beast. People in this historic old town on the banks of the Mississippi River are still debating whether the creature dubbed “Momo the Missouri Monster” really existed. . . .Read Complete Report

from youtube

Uploaded by  on May 16, 2008

Documentary on the legend of Momo, the Missouri Bigfoot, done by a high school media tech/video productions class.

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