Creepy robot baby now creepier with torso and floppy arms


Here’s another robotics report that seems to take THEI’s ongoing observations  another giant leap as we chronicle  and archive Human-like Robots move closer to their transformation and replacement of humans as labor. . . EDITOR

from Future of Tech (MSNBC)

by John Roach


A robot baby being built as part of a neuroscience research program in Japan has just gotten a torso, including arms that flop around like an infant’s sans swaddle.

Affeto, the robo-baby, is creepy in its realism, which is what the team from Osaka University aims to accomplish as they use robotics to study “how humans’ higher cognitive functions develop,” according to a project description. . . . Read Complete Report

from youtube

Prototype Upper Body for a Child Robot “Affetto”

Published on Jul 24, 2012 by 

“Affetto moves flexibly thanks to 22 pneumatic actuators in its body (3 for neck, 7 for each arm, 1 for chest, and 4 for waist). Visit to see how its realistic face moves and also to know about our project (JSPS grant-in-aid for specially promoted research).”

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