AKA Tommy Chong (Full Documentary) A Frontal Attack on Article 1 of our Constitution and more

Whether you like Cheech and Chong or not. Whether you partake of the herb or not. This is a must see. Especially if you love the freedom’s being an American entitles you to.

From it you can easily see one of the many times the Controllers underlings find old outdated obscure laws and then used them to erode more important laws. Of course the underlying question, outside of the 1st Amendment rights violation,  is who O.K.ed the use of all of the funds spent on ‘Operation Pipe Dreams’.  Don’t you think they could have been used more wisely during these trying times? This is a must see documentary. . . EDITOR

NOTE: Best if viewed in “full screen”mode. (Bottom right side of video screen)

from Forbidden Knowledge TV

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