Gary Johnson’s Support for Medical Marijuana Legalization Will Help, Not Hurt His Campaign (w/Video’s)

This is an opinion piece. But an important one for sure, I personally do not believe it will hurt or help.

The only thing to help the Libertarian Party grow is what many of us have said since back in the day, have patience, spread the word, and give it time, lots of time. The Libertarian Party has been the only 3rd Political Party to have been on every Presidential Ballot in every state in the Union over the past 40 years. Other so called third political parties have appeared over the years, but the Lib Party is the only one to have been there year after year.

As things get worst more people will wake up to the Liberty movement and the answers we present.  . . EDITOR

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This article originally appeared at PolicyMic.


While campaigning in Seattle, Washington, last Thursday, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson predicted that marijuana would be legalized in the U.S. by 2016 and reiterated his support for its legalization.

Dean Chambers, who covers the 2012 elections for the Examiner.comargues that Johnson and libertarians in general are making a mistake by raising the issue of marijuana legalization. “The voters have never shown a willingness to elect a candidate to the presidency who makes legalizing pot the number one issue,” writes Chambers. “Never at any time have the polls on issue priorities ever shown the American people viewing the legalization of marijuana as the highest national priority. The Libertarian Party nominee always goes to pot and marginalizes themselves for doing so.”

I completely disagree. Johnson is absolutely right to make this an important issue for several reasons. . . . Read Complete Report 

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Gov. Gary Johnson Among the Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Uploaded by  on Oct 20, 2011

“The root of all evil,” says GOP presidential candidate and former two-term Gov. Gary Johnson (R-N.M.), “is politicians that are going to save [us] from terrorists, from illegal immigrants, from drugs. ‘Elect me,’ [they say], ‘and I’ll save you.’. . .” Posted with video

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