Retired USAF Col. Claims he Came from Inside the Earth & the Hollow Earth Network

Hollow Earth Network with Col. Billie F. Woodard(ret) & co.

We have never met nor talked to Col Billie Faye Woodard. We are featuring him her for the time being because we feel that this is “Hollow Earth” information we should pass on.  He has a blogtalkradio show callled The Hollow Earth Network, (Link Below . . . EDITOR


According to information on his web site:

“Billie was born in Hollow Earth living many centuries before coming to the surface to carry out a mission.

His body was changed from a 5th Dimensional being into a 3-D one so as to “fit in” with his new surface world.

He has come forward now to complete his mission with a message for humanity here on the surface.”

To find out more on Billie please visit his website and read his story at

I am your host Dale Benadum and welcome you to another episode of Hollow Earth Network.

For much of the 40 yeas of my personal research into the Hollow Earth Enigma go DEEPER into this site. . . Dennis

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