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Learning an Economic Lesson from a 75-year-old Comic Book

Featured Image: Cover of Action Comics 1 (Jun 1938 DC Comics). Art by Joe Shuster, art, and Jack Adler, color First comic book to feature a “new” superhero, Superman. CREDIT:DC Comics SOURCE: Wikipedia (Fair-Use-Rationale).
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… “Pre-World War II ten-cent comic books can be worth a lot of money, especially if they are key issues of Batman (Detective Comics No. 27 and Batman No. 1) and Superman (Action Comics No. 1) that define the Golden Age of comic books”…

… “A home remodeler reportedly made the discovery of a lifetime while gutting a property in Minnesota: A 1938 comic book worth more than $100,000. . . .Read Complete Report

Hyundai prepares for the apocalypse with Zombie Survival Machine

It had to happen. Hope they ain’t too expensive. If I can afford it I’ll be the first in my neighborhood. . . . EDITOR

Photo: Survive the apocalypse with Hyundai. CREDIT Hyundai SOURCE

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15:21 June 28, 2012

Hyundai is getting in on the incessant zombie trend with an actual concept car designed to mow down the fearsome hordes of undead brain suckers. It’s called the Zombie Survival Machine, and it looks exactly like what it sounds like. Hyundai has partnered with Robert Kirkman, creator of the famed comic book and graphic novel The Walking Dead, in building the concept for Comic-Con. . . . Read Complete Report

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HYUNDAI ZOMBIE VEHICLE – The 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe Zombie
Survival Edition

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Marvel lawyers fighting to prove that Mutants aren’t human

When I ran across this post I knew I had to post it, if for nothing else but to keep Rick and Jackal off my back if they missed the story. Besides its a cool story! . . . EDITOR

(the comic book cover art and thousands more can be viewed at http://www.coverbrowser.com/)

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Marvel lawyers fighting to prove that Mutants aren’t human
Mark this up as one more blow to human-mutant equality. Marvel lawyers are putting up a fight to prove the mutants aren’t the same as humans after all. Unleash the Sentinels!
This strange piece of news comes via the Radiolab Podcast, which uncovered a weird saga of legal wrangling and tariff shenanigans.
Toys manufactured in various countries and later imported to the US have to be taxed. And the taxes for each kind of toy vary, depending on the description. Specifically, “dolls” are toys that represent some sort of human, and “toys” are representations that are non-human, such as robots or animals. And it turns out, the non-human toys are taxed at a much lower rate than the human ones, 6.8 percent versus 12 percent. Hence, two Marvel lawyers are arguing that Mutant action figures are not actually human — and therefor shouldn’t be taxed as much. And thus unknowingly unleashing the age-old Mutant debate that has long been a part of the X-Men’s world. . . . continue