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Hollow Earth in the Puranas & Unraveling the Secrets Interview part 1 (video)

A book that has gotten little attention from the Hollow Earth Community is “Hollow Earth in the Puranas” by my long time friend Dean Dominic De La Lucia.  This previously hard-to-find book has been republished by Grave Distractions Publications.  I highly recommend this important book. . . . EDITOR

From the publishers web page:

One area which has been largely overlooked by the Western researcher in folk, paranormal, and earth mystery matters, is that of the Hindu traditions, specifically, the Vedas and the Puranas. These incredible works speak of an ancient time, a time of “gods” and “demons” interacted with, married, abducted, and went to war with human beings. “Hollow Earth in the Puranas” seeks to open these traditions to a Western audience.  Is it possible than entire civilizations have developed far underneath our planet’s soil?  Could the surface of Earth simply be a shell hiding beings and cultures alien to us? The Vedic and Puranic accounts clearly answer the questions by describing how the “ancient ones” came from inside a hollow Earth.. . .”

Read some of Hollow Earth In the Puranas

Dean with Rick Osmon and myself on “Unraveling the Secrets”