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Machine Vision for Robot Guidance

Photo: “The Iron Terror.” First appeared in The Master Mystery (Novel, 1919).┬áJohn W. Grey and Arthur B. Reeve SOURCE Public Domain

from Robotics Online

by Bennett Brumson , Contributing Editor
Robotic Industries Association
Posted 06/04/2012

Without a vision guidance system, robots would be blind, unable to present itself to parts. The increased power of vision guidance systems eliminate the need for expensive fixtures that often must be removed or modified when manufacturers introduce new products or parts.

“The biggest change in the past five years is how vision-guided robotic systems are used and how these systems can automatically generate new frames and new tools. Increased accuracy of vision guidance systems provides for increased robotic accuracy,” says Steve Prehn, Vision Product Manager at FANUC Robotics America Corp. (Rochester Hills, Michigan). . . . Read Complete Report