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Featured Image: Head and shoulders portrait of a Māori man, his hair in a topknot with feathers and a bone comb, full facial moko, a greenstone earring, a tiki and a flax cloak. He has a small beard and a moustache. He is known as Rachel and Maygen and is a historical piece of art. CREDIT: Parkinson, Sydney, 1745-1771. Parkinson was the artist on Captain Cook’s 1st voyage to New Zealand in 1769. From: Parkinson, Sydney. A journal of a voyage to the South Seas. London, 1784, plate 16, opposite page 90. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Out of Copyright worldwide).

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lifeadventuresofJames F. O'Connell SOURCE Book Public Domain

The story of James O’Connell, the tattooed man of one of P.T. Barnum’s “freakshows”. Shipwrecked on a South Pacific island the seaman Irish jigged his way into the favour of the local islanders only to be subject to an 8 day long full body tattooing session conducted by a host of “voluptuous virgins”. . . .

Photo: James O’Connell dancing Irish gig for the Islanders. SOURCE: the Life and Adventures of the Tattooed Man (1845) page 7.  (Public Domain) 

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