Underground Base and Tunnel Links

from Informantnews.com

“I hope that over time this page will become the largest underground base and tunneling links page on the internet. It will start with a relative handful of links and grow steadily. Please send me links to interesting underground sites that are not listed here (and also notify me of any dead links)! I have a particular interest in “secret” underground bases and tunnels. Scroll down the page to view the availablecategories.

“Lector caveat: The material in the links below spans the gamut in believability from the factual, and demonstrably true, to the scarcely credible, if not downright incredible. That is to say, not every word in every one of these links is necessarily true. In this world, there are hard facts and there are also flights of fancy. You, the reader, must exercise your humble faculties of discernment and God-given horse sense to carefully sift fact from fable! ‘Nuff said. Let’s go underground”.  . .  go to page

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  1. Check out one of the world’s largest Inner Earth databases… https://www.angelfire.com/ut/branton/redbook2.html.

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