Featured Image: Commodore 64.  The Commodore 64 [First home computer -8-bit – no memory capacity) home was released to the public in August 1982. It found initial success because it was marketed and priced aggressively. It had a BASIC programming environment and advanced graphic and sound capabilities for its time, similar to the Coleco Vision console. It also utilized the same game controller ports popularized by the Atari 2600, allowing gamers to use their old joysticks with the system. It would become the most popular home computer of its day in the USA and many other countries and the best-selling single computer model of all time internationally. CREDIT: Evan-Amos SOURCE Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

The Commodore was my first computer.  my favorite game was “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  There were no online games at the time. . . EDITOR

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