Historical Mystery: What happened to James Dean’s Death Car? and more (videos)

Here’s a well put together and enjoyable video about a subject I have wondered about most of my life, “What happened to James Deans 1955 Porsche Spyder?” . . . EDITOR

James Dean’s Death Car

from youtube

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James Dean’s Death car. i made this over 3 years ago.

James Dean – Driving PSA “Don’t Speed”

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James Dean – A Public Service Announcement on the stupidity of driving fast on the highway. Filmed during the making of Giant. 9and shortly before his death.

UPDATE: According to James Dean Historian Lee Raskin (see Comment below)” Dean’s mechanic, Rolf Wutherich, said the Spyder was in 4th gear traveling minimally at 75 mph” 

Although I do remember watching a special where the information that James Dean was not speeding was presented, but like Mr. Raskin said there is a lot of bull out there. I thnk Mr. Raskin for sending us this information.

WRONG! By-the-way. A few years ago a full-fledged study using computer programing etc. recreating James Dean’s accident and the findings were that he was not speeding. . . EDITOR

GO DEEPER: The James Dean Story Complete Video 1 hr 12 min 13 sec

Uploaded by ampopfilms on Oct 18, 2011

This documentary,which was undertaken soon after James Dean’s death, looks at Dean’s life through the use of still photographs with narration and interviews with many of the people involved in his short life.


  1. Lee Raskin says:

    With all due respect to the provider (dgcrenshaw) of the above facts …most of his/her information is old, untrue, and pretty much out of date. First, a Porsche 550 is a Spyder (not a Spider). Second, one can’t believe everything you see and hear on a 15 minute TV segment. Fact: James Dean was speeding as documented by eye witnesses just before the crash on CA Rt. 466/41. The testimony of Mr. and Mrs. White by their sworn deposition in Washington State, arrived several days after the Oct. 11, inquest was held! Dean’s mechanic, Rolf Wutherich, said the Spyder was in 4th gear traveling minimally at 75 mph. Most James Dean TV documentaries have not been very objective — but have tried to provide more sensationalism. Customizer George Barris has been responsible for creating most of the unfounded curse stories about the ‘Little Bastard’ and the long-standing factoids about deaths/injuries that were attributed to the Porsche Spyder over the years. There is no curse! He has been discredited by reputable James Dean and Porsche historians/archivists. The most recent, updated and validated information about James Dean’s Porsches, his racing career, the 9-30-55 accident, and whereabouts of the ‘Little Bastard’ Porsche 550 Spyder can be found on Wikipedia James Dean See link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Dean Also take a look in the 50th Anniversary publication, James Dean At High Speed (amazon.com). Suggest The Hollow Earth Insider Eds. spend a bit more time fact checking the James Dean information before publishing the wrong stuff. Lee Raskin, James Dean historian and author.

    • dgcrenshaw says:

      Hi Lee,
      Thank you for bringing the facts up to date. That’s what this site is all about, finding the true facts.
      How about the “James James Dean Story” documentary? Good stuff or no?
      Thanks again for taking the time and caring enough to share your knowledge with our group. I would love it, if you have time, to expand on the comments above and write an article for THEI with the true facts that I could use to replace my out of date knowledge under your byline. Also if you have written a book on the subject if you would send a link I would be happy to include that with the article. If you can you can send it to me at denniscrenshaw@gmail.com (subject James Dean}
      an old time James dean Fan
      Dennis Crenshaw EDITOR

  2. Lee Raskin says:

    Dennis Crenshaw and THEI followers: The James Dean Story, directed by the late Robert Altmam, was filmed as a documentary one year after James Dean’s death. It features great interviews with family and friends who were still mourning his death. As years and decades passed, the interviews became more clouded with embellished stories…as everyone (besides his true friends and family) wanted to jump on the band wagon and to be associated as Jimmy’s best friend! The 1996 (R-rated) movie ‘Crash,’ starring James Spader and Holley Hunter has become a real cult film…which in one scene, depicts a very accurate re-creation of the James Dean/Donald Turnupseed ‘crash’ on 9-30-55. The words, purportedly shouted out by James Dean, “Don’t worry…he’ll see us!” — was probably made up during the ’50’s for shocking ‘pulp fiction’ effect; as Rolf Wutherich, Dean’s mechanic and surviving passenger, could not recall any preceding conversation leading up to the impact, to which he clearly maintained in his official sworn deposition for the post-accident inquest.

    I have been involved with James Dean’s racing endeavors and 356/550 Porsches for over 50 years. I have been fortunate to have known the James Dean family, friends, and sports car racers who competed with/against James Dean during 1955. This has led to writing many magazine articles, two published books, and being involved in co-producing six TV documentaries about Jimmy’s racing endeavors. For a full account of James Dean’s passion for acting and speed, see James Dean At Speed, 2005 (Amazon.com) I (JamesDeanHistorian on Amazon) will be happy to personally inscribe and autograph each copy purchased. Lee Raskin, Porsche/James Dean historian Feel free to contact me with any additional questions about James Dean and his Porsches and motorcycles… LMR356@aol.com

    • dgcrenshaw says:

      We here at THEI want to thank Lee Raskin for taking the time to fill us in on the REAL story of James Dean and his car. This is a perfect example of what THEI is all about. Lee is a well know James Dean historian and my post was very outdated. I hope others that find misconception, misunderstand and plan old lies in anything here on THEI will help us understand the REAL story by posting updates. Thanks Lee!
      For more information on James Dean be sure and Check out Lee Raskin’s book, James Dean at Speed (Amazon)

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  4. Quora says:

    Does james deans car LITTLE BASTARD still exist?

    Not in one piece. It’s been ‘parted out’. http://www.jamesdean550.com/ http://thehollowearthinsider.com/archives/5502

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