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from NBC Miami

Girlfriend of face-eating attacker blames drugs or voodoo

By Karen Yi, NBCMiami.com

The girlfriend of the face-eating attacker who mauled off most of another man’s face said her boyfriend was either unknowingly drugged or placed under a voodoo curse.

She told the Miami Herald the attacker, identified as 31-year-old Rudy Eugene, was “sweet and well-mannered.” The girlfriend, who asked that her name not be disclosed, said she was shocked to hear her boyfriend was the man everyone was calling the “Miami Zombie.” . . . Read complete Report

from Mail online

Britain’s voodoo killers: This week a minister warned of a wave of child abuse and killings linked to witchcraft. Alarmist? This investigation suggests otherwise

PUBLISHED: 18:49 EST, 15 August 2012 | UPDATED: 13:15 EST, 17 August 2012


They appeared to be upright and decent members of our society. She dressed smartly, and had worked for Marks & Spencer.

He drove a top-of-the-range Mercedes and spent his spare time coaching a local women’s football team.

But unbeknown to their neighbours and friends, this couple living in their suburban London flat led a terrifying secret life.

They practised African black magic or voodoo, and on Christmas Day in 2010 they murdered a teenage boy in the belief he was a witch. . . Read Complete Report

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