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Obama’s SEAL Team 6 Cover-up (Video Report)

Featured Image:  A CH-47 Chinook helicopter drops off troops, vehicles and additional supplies at KUNSAN AIR BASE, South Korea. CREDIT: U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Steven R. Doty. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons. (Public Domain).

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Published on May 30, 2013

What the Benghazi Cover-Up is Really All About

Featured Image: Benghazi at dawn. CREDIT: Dennixo SOURCE: Wikipedia (Public Domain)

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Benghazi is not a singular event. It’s not just about the death of the ambassador and three others. It’s not just about why help was not sent or even where Obama was all that time.

Although these are important, the real scandal is what was going on in Benghazi and why was ambassador Stevens there in the first place and with very little security?

I and others agree that Stevens was running guns from Libya, through Turkey and to the “Rebels” in Syria. Others and I have contended this from the beginning. To clarify, most of the “Rebels” have turned out to be Al Qaeda or affiliated terrorist groups. . . . Read Complete Report

Whistleblower: Obama Admin Threatening Benghazi Survivors – 4/29/2013

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Published on Apr 30, 2013

Whistleblower: Obama Admin Threatening Benghazi Survivors – 4/29/2013 – http://www.BirtherReport.com –http://www.ObamaReleaseYourRecords.com

Impeach President Barack “Barry Soetoro” Obama? (+) Benghazi Cover-up: Questions that will not go away. (Video Reports)

THEI Extended Report: Impeach? And what’s with the Whitehouse secrecy when it comes to Benghazi?


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San Diego California: United Impeach Obama Protest – Tax Day Tea Party

Published on Apr 14, 2013

Several groups came together and held an impeach Protest on an overpass, where Park Boulevard crosses Interstate 5 in Balboa Park in San Diego California. The is the coverage by Fox 5 News. There were about 20 participants.


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Published on Mar 12, 2012

OBAMA IMPEACHMENT EXPOSED! Awaken the Masses, Share and make Viral! ALEX JONES


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Obama Impeachment Over White House Leaks?

Published on Feb 11, 2013

Obama impeachment.
On Monday March 11, 2013, Congress is beginning impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama


 Benghazi: Questions to Obama that will not go away

From CNBNews.com by Scott Taylor 4/12/13

Retired Special Ops: Demand the Truth on Benghazi

 have something truly disturbing to share with you that can’t wait.

We may be of the verge of revealing the largest cover up by a President since Watergate and we need to get to the truth.

Countless important questions remain unanswered about the horrific terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, and you deserve to know why when the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and heroic Navy SEALs were fighting for their lives against a mob of terrorists, politicians in Washington ignored their calls for help and left them to die.  . . . Read Complete Report


From LaRouche Pac April 13, 2013 • 10:44AM

Mounting Demand for the Truth About Benghazi

In addition to 700 Special Forces veterans, Rep. Frank Wolf’s (R-VA) H. Res. 36 for a Select Committee to investigate Benghazi has also won the strong support of Patricia Smith, the mother of one of the four murder victims there. Her letter to the Congressman was just published by USN&R Washington Whispers.

“Hon. Frank R. Wolf

“This letter is to endorse resolution H. Res. 36 to create a Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi attacks. . . . Read Complete Report


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Benghazi Gate – The Benghazi Truth – Cover-Up? – New Film Seeks Truth About Terrorist Attack

Published on Mar 30, 2013

Benghazi Gate – The Benghazi Truth – Cover-Up? – New Film Seeks Truth About Terrorist Attack


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Benghazi Truth (pilot)

Published on Nov 2, 2012

Pilot for My Benghazi The truth as told and collected from the experts and hearings.You will understand what happened after watching this.I had to keep it short.This is nothing compared to the treason within you will se in the hearings. Call your Senate and House Rep and find out why they are not in Jail.Demand to know why?

HILLARY CLINTON SNAGGED IN BENGHAZI COVER-UP (+) John McCain vs Hillary Clinton On Benghazi: Your Answers ‘Are Not Satisfactory’ (Video Report)

Photo: Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. CREDIT: Department of State SOURCE: Wikipedia (Public Domain)

From WND 

New reports prompt questions about perplexing security decisions after attack
by AARON KLEIN Published: 17 hours ago

JERUSALEM – As media reports present evidence the U.S. has played a central role in arming Syrian rebels, new questions now emerge about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the controversial scheme.

The questions prompt a second look at the perplexing security decisions made by Clinton and other top Obama administration officials the night of the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks on American facilities in Beng. . . Read Complete Report

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Rand Paul: Obama In Guns-To-Jihadists Cover-Up? ‘A kind of international Fast and Furious in Benghazi’

From News With Attitude

JANUARY 23, 2013

by Aaron Klein

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., raised questions during a radio interview today about whether the Obama administration was smuggling guns to jihadist rebels in a possible “international Fast and Furious” that the White House has tried to cover up.

Speaking on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio, Paul said the guns scheme could help explain the reason for the coordinated attacks against the U.S. special mission and CIA annex in Benghazi last September.

Stated Paul: “There is also some concern about whether or not Libyan arms are being ferried through Turkey into Syrian rebels and whether or not that had something to do with the cover-up that came out of the administration when the administration was saying that, ‘Oh, this attack in Benghazi had something to do with a film.’ . . . Read Complete Report

Proof: Benghazi was an Obama Black Flag op gone wrong with following cover-up ( Video Reports)

from The Western Center for Journalism

JANUARY 11, 2013 BY 

It’s even worse than we previously thought. A retired four-star admiral is now claiming that Barack Obama intentionally conspired with America’s enemies to stage a bogus attack and the kidnapping of an American ambassador so he could “negotiate” the release of a “hostage” and bolster his mediocre approval ratings just prior to the election! . . . Read Complete Report


Part I

Benghazi Blood On Obama’s Hands

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Published on Jan 11, 2013

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Part 2




Declassified at Last: Air Force’s Supersonic Flying Saucer Schematics & More {W/Video)

Photo Cover of Project 1794. U.S Air Force secret plans to build a flying saucer in the 1950’s. CREDIT US Air Force  SOURCE Wired magazine

Submitted by Tim Cridland AKA (Zamora the Torture King)

from Wired.com

By Benjamin PlackettE  mail Author

October 5, 2012 | 1:42 pm |

Officially, aliens have never existed but flying saucers very nearly did. The National Archives has recentlypublished never-before-seen schematics and details of a 1950s military venture, called Project 1794, which aimed to build a supersonic flying saucer.

The newly declassified materials show the U.S. Air Force had a contract with a now-defunct Canadian company to build an aircraft unlike anything seen before. Project 1794 got as far as the initial rounds of product development and into prototype design. In a memo dating from 1956 the results from pre-prototype testing are summarized and reveal exactly what the developers had hoped to create.

The saucer was supposed to reach a top speed of “between Mach 3 and Mach 4, a ceiling of over 100,000 ft. and a maximum range with allowances of about 1,000 nautical miles,” according to the document. . . Read Complete Report


from the Files of THEI

Here is something of interest to someone I’m sure. The schematics  below have been in THEI files for at least 30 years and came from the US Patent Office. They were filed by an employee of Lockheed on Jan. 23, 1953. And accepted Dec. 10,1963 by an the US Patent office.

The plans describe the craft as a “AVRO High Velocity High Altitude Aircraft.” SOURCE U.S. Patent Office, Washington D.C.

I have the cover letter that explains the claims. I will pass them along with paper copies of these two pages to serious investigator’s only. . . . EDITOR
























THEI Selected Video Short Subject

AVRO Lockheed Martin Flying Saucer from the 1940’s

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A ref to the controversial NAZI flying discs was found in book which documented the history of the race to the first atomic weapon last published in 1970.

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A ref to the controversial NAZI flying discs was found in book which documented the history of the race to the first atomic weapon last published in 1970.

Go DEEPER: Read my 4-part Research Report on the origin of UFOs 

Obama Cover up: Obama Still Won’t Release College Transcripts (w/Video)

I believe, as is presented in the Fox report below, that what Obama is hiding is the fact that he lied about being a foreign Exchange Student to get into Columbia. The first clue I had to this scenario is in the biographical booklet published by his publisher that states Obama as “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”   This is not a ‘mistake’ or typo. When these type promo items are released they are read and edited several times and then a final approval by the person they are promoting. In this case, Barack Obama.












Finally the truth might be coming out. Watch the MSM disappear if this goes any further. . . EDITOR 

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Obama Cover up: Obama Still Won’t Release College Transcripts

Published on Aug 7, 2012 by 

Wayne Allyn Root, a classmate of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama at Columbia University, believes Obama is hiding the fact that he was a foreign exchange student at Columbia University and that is why he sealed his college transcripts.
What legitimate reason would Obama have to seal his college transcripts? The only reason a person would seal their records is if they are hiding something. Do we really want a person in the position of President of the United States of America that is hiding something from the American people? We already know that Obama is a pathological liar. It’s time for him to release his college transcripts.
RELEASE YOUR COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS OBAMA!!!! . . . Read Complete post at youtube

Retro Conspiracy: The Death of Marilyn Monroe (video reports)

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In 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her California home. While the coroner ruled her death a probable suicide, there was minimal investigation and rumors of conspiracy and cover-up persist to this day. . . . Read Complete Posting

Death of Marilyn Monroe Newsclip [HD]

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Conspiracy Theories – The Death Of Marilyn Monroe

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