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12/3/2012: Oopa Loopa Cafe, GRAND OPENING! (bring your own coffee)

Show Number 1 ~ Oopa Loopa Cafe

The (outstanding) lineup for the first Oopa Loopa Cafe show on NewWave & HTN21 is worth planning to see!


1) Merrell Fankhauser, musician, ace TV talk show host in his own right, and video documentarian. Merrell will showcase his DVD about his Search for the Lost Continent of MU.

He and his band, The Impacts, were the first to record the song “Wipe Out!”. Yes, that Wipe Out.


Temerity Magazine

2) Two videos from Temerity Magazine and their intrepid contributors telling us all how to find “Treasure, me hardys!”, even when it’s in your backyard.





3) A short homegrown documentary about giants in general and the site where early settlers found a giant skeleton in Pike County Indiana (an accompanying video will follow on Wednesday December 5th). This is part of serial segment called “Hunting History Here!”. This segment picks one particular historical incident or site each week (some will be more than one segment) that includes odd elements and gets to the bottom of the odd story.

4) Announcing the recruitment search for an in-studio co-host for the Oopa Loopa Cafe.

So click on the player in the right column or go to www.htn21.com (if you use the “pop out” player, you can continue to surf the other great content here on the Hollow Earth Insider without interrupting the TV show).