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HOLLOWEEN Video Treats From THEI

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We here at THEI hope you have a Happy Holloween and may all your candy be sugar free . . . EDITOR         From youtube uploaded byDaniel Curtis Ray Stevens - The Booger Man Published on Jul 12, 2013 Here is two of my favorite things together, Ray Stevens and The Walking Dead! The

Shut Up, Conspiracy Theorist!!!

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youtube by corbettreport Published on Oct 7, 2014 SOURCES AND NOTES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=12502 Everything you wanted to know about shutting up a pesky conspiracy theorist in 5 minutes. Dig a little DEEPER  THEI.us Archive “Conspiracy Boogie”

Colorado Cannabis: Six months of Rocky Mountain High

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Featured Image: Sheeple Magazine#23. SOURCE: David Dees youtube by FOX31 Denver Published on Jul 15, 2014 A look at how the recreational marijuana industry is doing in Colorado six months after pot became legal. Dig a little DEEPER ~ THEI Archive “Rocky Mountain High”

The next crisis It’s NOT what you think! This is the BIG EVENT! Not ISIS or Ebola

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Featured image: Thanx to David Dees. youtube by ETprepper Published on Oct 29, 2014 Not ISIS or Ebola, the next crisis It’s NOT what you think! IMF world currency,This is the “BIG EVENT” Jim Rickerts describs how it will happen. SOON! Subscribe! Thanks. Dig a little DEEPER ~ THEI.us Archive  “Federal Reserve Scam”  “BugOut”

Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government

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Featured Image: Thanx to David Dees. youtube by Great White7 Published on Jul 25, 2013 Discover the truth about the men behind the curtain who own and run the U.S. Government. These men are totally evil, ruthless, greedy and vicious individuals who will stop at nothing to gain control of the world and the enslavement of

False Flag wake-up call: ISIS, WWIII & THE NWO

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Featured Image: Gerald Celente (born November 29, 1946) is an American trend forecaster,[1][2] publisher of the Trends Journal, business consultant[3] and author who makes predictions about the global financial markets and other events of historical importance. Celente has described himself as a “political atheist” and “citizen of the world”.[4] He has appeared as a guest on media outlets such as CNN, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The

US government surrenders control of (ICANN) INTERNET – Fox News

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Featured image: Ultimate plan for the free flow of Information over the internet. CREDIT: Thanx to David Dees. From youtube (CNN) by  ErichoComm Published on Mar 21, 2014 Eric Yaverbaum speaks with anchor Adam Housley about the motivations behind the decision to relinquish power over the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers on March 20, 2014. Dig a

“Bless You” Banned in Classroom

“The 1st Amendment doesn’t work here”

Remind me not sneeze in Memphis.
A list of banned words. I want to replace it with a list banned idiots.

FOX13 News, WHBQ FOX 13

Prepping at Possum Holler, Part one


Stuck out in the sticks as our place is, should a real disaster happen, we are on our own with regard to utilities. While it is possible to live completely off the grid and even somewhat rewarding and gratifying to do so, it’s also a real pain in the ass. But there will come a day (or a week or an eternity) when there is no other choice.

Yes, we have generators and a few used photo-voltaic panels (which are near the far end of the useless scale by the time somebody gets rid of them), but we also need something that will generate enough heat to melt steel without eating all our every day living energy. So, we found a couple “free to a good home” rear projection TV’s that don’t work right or don’t use the digital signal or for some reason don’t suit the persons parting with said TV’s. Well, rather than expend many hours making a documentary video about how to use a rear projection TV as a steel mill, here’s one already made by Grant Thompson “The King of Random”. I think maybe he’s also the King of Life Hacks

The Damn Few

A good friend of mine brought this Youtube channel to my attention. Watch it to the end, please. WARNING: graphic animated violence, expletives of all kinds, and concepts unsuited to a sheeple.

This episode is about gun control and how the controllers slowly and gradually bend the will of people, including Americans, to the idea that “government” will take care of all of us, all our needs, and all our security.

Thanks to all our veterans, even if this portrayal is a bit over the top…

Infowars Nightly News: Tuesday (10-7-14)

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youtube by ConspiracyScope

Featured Image: Thanx to David Dees

youtube by ConspiracyScope

Published on Oct 7, 2014

On The October 7,2014 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News, Lee Ann McAdoo details US Military Sets Up African “FEMA” Camps. While the U.S. Government attempts to dampen pandemic fears in America, drastic measures are being taken to quarantine Ebola patients in West African nations. US will up ebola screening procedures. Dallas Schools install fever readers. CT gov declares state of emergency. Step-daughter given all-clear to go back to work. Nurse was wearing protective suit. EBOLA EXPERTS WORRY VIRUS MAY SPREAD MORE EASILY THAN ASSUMED. Cop smashes through window and tasers man who refuses to show ID. Military setting up Fema Camps. Saudis Cozy relationship with US Government in free fall due to effort to release 28 page report exposing them.

Robert David Steele: Former CIA Officer False Flag Is A Deep Part Of The American Government.

Steele_headshot_never_used_before_afghanistan Wikipedia Robert David Steele Former CIA Officer False Flag

Featured Image: Former CIA Officer Robert David Steele. SOURCE: Wikipedia CC BY-SA 4.0

youtube by Keep The Faith

Published on Oct 7, 2014

Paul Joseph Watson talks to Robert David Steele about a possible Ebola false flag and what may be coming in the future. And about why the intelligence community is so corrupt and why the government is continuing its failed policies.

The CDC & The UN Are Forced to Overtly Admit ‘Ebola Is Airborne’


Featured Image: Ebola Falls. by David Dees

youtube by DAHBOO77

Published on Oct 6, 2014


Dig a little DEEPER ~ THEI.us Archive “Ebola”,  “Agenda 21″ 

NewsBusted 10/07/14

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youtube by newsbusted  on Oct 6, 2014

Dig a little DEEPER ~ THEI.us Archive “The Humor of it All”

Will robots rule the stock market? | with Alltime Conspiracies

Philippine-stock-market-board Wikipedia CC BY 2.0

Robots Replacing Humans Dept.

Featured Image: Philippine stock market board CREDIT:Katrina.Tuliao - http://www.flickr.com/photos/thewalkingirony/3051500551/  SOURCE: Wikipedia CC BY 2.0


youtube by Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – HowStuffWorks

Published on Oct 3, 2014

Is it possible that the future of the world’s stock markets will be decided by increasingly intelligent software programs?

Dig a little DEEPER ~ THEI.us Archive “Robots Replacing Humans”

The Land of the Lost Story (1999)

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youtube by ConspiracyScope

Published on May 23, 2014

From Anna Zetchus Smith, the director of Rebel Evolution, comes ‘The Land of the Lost Story’, a coast-to-coast trip through conspiracy theories to the people who foster them, and a quest for the truth behind them. Originally shot in 1999 and then lost, it is a story and a message that is perhaps even more relevant today.

Includes an exclusive, never-before-seen interview with William Cooper…@46:53


Chuck Clark
William Cooper
George Hiram Derby
Christopher Hitchens
Alan Keyes
Larry Klayman
Max Littel
Texe Marrs
Chuck Missler
Amo Bishop Roden
Hugh Ross

Formerly titled “Tailing the Millennium: a grassroots view of America in 1999″

Topics: Area 51, aliens, Columbine High School, Waco, police state, NYPD, gun control, Second Amendment, government corruption, government coverups, Illuminati, New World Order, Constitution, militias, patriots

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US stores old nukes…to fight off asteroid threats

Planetoid_crashing_into_primordial_Earth SOURCE wpclipart Public Domain

Featured Image: Large astronoid crashing into Earth. SOURCE: wpclipart. (Public Domain)

youtube by RT America

Published on Oct 4, 2014

The US government is stockpiling nuclear warhead components so that they can be used to destroy asteroids if need be, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office.

Dig a little DEEPER ~ THEI.us Archive “Looming Disaster”