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Research Shows That Ebola Is Airborne And Capable Of Cross Species Transmission

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Featured Image: Thanks to David Dees From youtube  by Charles Walton Published on Aug 2, 2014 Dig a little DEEPER ~ THEI Archive “Ebola”, “Agenda 21″

Could Robots Be More Dangerous Than Nuclear Bombs?

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Featured Image: robot thingy. SOURCE: wpclipart.com (Public Domain) From youtube Rubin Report Published on Aug 8, 2014 Dig a LITTLE DEEPER THEI Archive: Robots Replacing Humans  

Fighting Back: Anonymous’s Plan To Defeat The Illuminati And New World Order 2014 and 2015

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youtube by AnarchyWorld Published on Jul 4, 2014 Dig a little DEEPER: THEI Archive: Anonymous; “Illuminati”, New World Order

Fighting Back: Here’s how to take back your digital privacy [FREE]

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posted @ Sovereign Man CIA spies on Senate. Here’s how to take back your digital privacy [FREE] by Simon Black August 15, 2014 Spoleto, Italy Back in March serious allegations came out of the Senate that the CIA was monitoring and even hacking Senate computers. They were denied vehemently at the time by CIA director John Brennan,

EBOLA: A Reality Check (Video Report)


Featured Image: Electron micrograph of an Ebola virus virion. (Public Domain) Wikipedia 7/5/04 AMTV youtube  : EMERGENCY! 6 New Patients Allegedly Infected w/ Ebola in NYC 7/5/04 TheAlexJonesChannel youtube The Secret Ebola Open Border Connection Revealed: Special Report

U.N. Plans For North American Union Updated

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Image: David Dees InfoWars Jun 26, 2014 TheAlexJonesChannel David Knight takes the studio for Alex discussing the topics of The UN, NAFTA, the north american union and it’s correlation to the recent wave of immigrants coming from mexico and south america and the plan to crash the american economy creating a subservient lower class. Dig a

Are You Higher Than a 4th Grader?

Pot Plant CREDIT United States Fish and Wildlife Service SOURCE Wikimedia.org Public Domain

4th grader sells pot in northern Colorado

GREELEY, Colo. (AP) — School officials in northern Colorado are asking parents to take care with their newly legal recreational marijuana, after fourth graders were caught dealing the drug on an elementary school campus.

John Gates, director of safety for Weld County School District 6, said Wednesday that the students involved, three 10-year-old boys and a 10-year-old girl at Greeley’s Monfort Elementary School, faced tough discipline but not suspension or expulsion. He would not elaborate on their punishment.

Read the rest of this AP story HERE

A Little Hidden History: Rick Osmon on “Expanded Perspectives”

Olmec Giant head. -San_Lorenzo_Monument_3 CREDIT Maribel Ponce Ixba (frida27ponce) SOURCE Wikipedia Commons Public Domain

A Little Hidden History: Rick Osmon on “Expanded Perspectives”


A recent podcast about hidden history and some hypothesis regarding precolumbian transatlantic commerce and colonization. Rick Osmon appeared on “Expanded Perspectives” to discuss his research into who might have left behind various ancient works in North America (and a few other places). Also, why is such research so controversial?

Is there a deeply rooted and concerted effort to suppress some evidence of ancient colonization from the Old World in North America? Is the US following suit of previous regimes to hide something that would impact the “legal status” of US sovereignty? Some of the sites were ideal terrain for military emplacements and were described as such by 18th and 19th antiquarians, but today’s crop of anthropologists and archaeologists totally ignore the militant aspects in favor of “ceremonial” descriptions. Is there some secret they simply can’t afford to let loose?

The Truth About Alaskan Glaciers


Featured image: Landsat GlacierBay 01aug99.jpg, Wikimedia Commons, freely licensed media file

The Alaskan glaciers are retreating, so it must all be our fault.

Right? Well, maybe not.

Dr Bruce Molnia works with the US Geological Survey and has spent the last 40 years studying glaciers in Alaska. In 2008 he published “Glaciers of Alaska”, a hugely comprehensive and impressive volume which attempts to map and measure every single glacier in Alaska. This work forms Chapter 8 in the USGS publication “Satellite Image Atlas of Glaciers of the World”. Molnia’s main task was to put on record the current size and extent of these glaciers, rather than to analyse past changes to them.

“…we are making comparative judgments about the extent of today’s glaciers, that use as the “norm” the period when they were at or near their maximum for probably a millenium or more. Can this be sensible science?”

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A Bionic Kangaroo?

Four Legged Robot CREDIT DARPA Public Domain

Birds do it, Too

Recovering, storing and releasing energy based on a natural model


Its jumping mechanism enables the kangaroo to increase its speed
without using more energy in doing so. With every bounce it can
store energy from the landing phase and use it again for the next
jump. The Achilles tendon assumes an important function here,
which is why it is particularly pronounced on the natural kangaroo.

Read the full company paper HERE

Video from Electronic Products

Mexico confirms confrontation with Border Patrol agents


Mexico confirms confrontation with Border Patrol agents

Image: Wikipedia Commons; File:US Navy 090317-N-5253T-016 Two men scale the border fence into Mexico a few hundred yards away from where Seabees from Naval Mobile Construction Battalions (NMCB) 133 and NMCB-14 are building a 1,500 foot-long concrete-lined dr.


U.S. officials characterized the incident as one of the most serious incursions in recent years. 


April 1, 2014, 11:52 p.m.

WASHINGTON — Two heavily armed, camouflaged Mexican soldiers crossed 50 yards inside Arizona in January and drew their guns against U.S. Border Patrol agents who confronted them in a tense standoff, according to documents obtained by The Times/Tribune Washington Bureau.

U.S. officials said it was one of nearly two dozen border incursions by Mexican soldiers into southern Arizona in the last four years.

Read the rest of this LA Times story HERE 

Wake up in a Body Bag?

Family claims grandmother was frozen alive in hospital morgue

Will this be the new norm?

LOS ANGELES (KCBS/CNN) – It’s a case that sounds like the plot of a horror movie. A family claims a woman was prematurely declared dead at a hospital, and woke up in a body bag, only to die in a freezer where her body was stored.

Now her outraged and grieving family has received the go ahead to proceed with its lawsuit.

14 News, WFIE, Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro

Read the rest of the print story HERE

Robots Replacing Humans


Just when I was thinking of doing a “Robot Roundup” post encapsulating some of the wide variety of the stories we’ve covered in that area of regard, I ran across this presentation. Although it’s not exactly an in-depth treatment. it hits most of the high robotics spots we’ve covered over the past few months

How to Become an Astronaut and Local Hero: Ron McNair


How to Become an Astronaut and Local Hero: Ron McNair

Well step 1 is to be naturally hard working. Step 2 is to complete your education (all the way, despite any perceived and / or real slights by society). Step 3  is to work hard. Step 4 is die on the job doing what you love. A PhD from MIT helps – a lot!
Dr. McNair was assigned as a mission specialist on STS 51-L. Dr. McNair died on January 28, 1986 when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded after launch from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, also taking the lives of the spacecraft commander, Mr. F.R. Scobee, the pilot, Commander M.J. Smith (USN), mission specialists, Lieutenant Colonel E.S. Onizuka (USAF), and Dr. J.A. Resnik, and two civilian payload specialists, Mr. G.B. Jarvis and Mrs. S. C. McAuliffe.

Star in a Jar: 13 Year Old Achieves Fusion Reaction in School Lab

Nuclear explosion- Operation_Crossroads_Baker_Edit SOURCE Wikipedia Commons Public Domain

Star in a Jar: 13 Year Old Achieves Fusion Reaction in School Lab


To Jamie Edwards, a 13 year old student from Penwortham, England, setting the record of being the youngest person to build a nuclear fusion reactor was more important than video games or girls. That last part will probably change within a couple years, but his enthusiasm for science is very real and, for now, he’s a record holder.

Of course, that also means he’s on the radar: Will he be a NASA scientist delving into the workings of the solar system or will he be kept under constant CIA surveillance lest his brain power fall under the control of some nefarious terrorist organization, like, say Disney World?

Robot Skills and Ills

Robot Astounding Stories #21 SOURCE Google Images (Public Domain)

Robot Skills and Ills


The world of robots got even more interesting and foreboding this week. Below are two stories that, especially taken in contrast to one another, are amazing. Both stories come to us through Hearst & Electronic Products

[Image: Robot-Astounding-Stories-21-SOURCE-Google-Images-Public-Domain.jpg]


Ping Pong Playing Robot (or is that “PingBot“?)

This first story (video) is interesting in that this guy, Ulf Hoffman, built  this thing in their garage and wrote the operating software from scratch. The problem is I wouldn’t be able to play to a forehand or backhand. You can read the full story HERE

Along Came CUPID

short for Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone, is an app controlled six-pronged-copter flying drone that packs an 80,000 volt Taser dart ― legally surpassing policemen’s 50,000 volt Tasers.

And this armed drone, billed as a “technology demonstration”, is designed to identify and tazer suspects.

“CUPID is simple: once an intruder is spotted on a property, CUPID will fly over and transmit an image of their face. If the property owner does not grant clearance, then CUPID will issue an audio warning before tazering any uncompliant persons into submission, then wait the authorities to arrive. ”

I am pretty sure, police will be the first to fire the tazer on this thing and government will be the first to use its surveillance function. When this cupid’s arrow finds you, it won’t be love in the air, it will be screams and urine.

Read this full story HERE (then run)