12/10/2012: The Oopa Loopa Cafe

Dec 10th, 2012, The Oopa Loopa Cafe
New Stuff!

A new daily Feature, Oopa Loopa Cafe: Off the Wall
News about:
Witch Doctors To Be Taxed
Caves of Easter Island
Cammo Fly Fools Scientists
Ghost Buster Slime 200 Million Years Old

Adopted By Cannibals
A Tribute to Roberts Stadium, with Joe Howard
Pot Spiked Brownies Land Two in Hospital and Two in Jail
NASA responds to Mayan Calendar
Stones Tour
Indy Jones or Mick Dundee?
Oopa Loopa Cafe Steampunk Fashion Show
2 From Temerity Magazine
Starts LIVE at Noon Eastern / 9 AM Pacific
So click on the player in the right column or go to www.htn21.com (if you use the “pop out” player, you can continue to surf the other great content here on the Hollow Earth Insider without interrupting the TV show)

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