12/18/2012: The Oopa Loopa Cafe

12/18/2012: The Oopa Loopa Cafe

 On Today’s Show

Interview with Tom Johnson, RE: Great Serpent Mound Conference This Weekend

The Mayas in America, the time of the Sun Lords

The Mayas in America, a story within a story

2 From Temerity Magazine

China cracks down on “slay red dragon” doomsday cult

Library of Congress Posts 700 Civil War Photos to Flickr

Low water exposes century-old shipwreck on Grand Haven’s Harbor Island

Researchers Find First Evidence of Ice Age Wolves in Nevada

Unraveling the Causes of the Ice Age Megafauna Extinctions

Early 17th Century Jamestown Cellar Yields Well Preserved Ovens

Christmas gifts that could invade your privacy

And more

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