New Zealand’s W2 presents Romotow – the fold-out Swiss Army Caravan

Photo: The Romotow, folded up and ready for transport. SOURCE GizMag

For all you Preppers out there. Here’s the answer for a sweet way to move from that crowded coastline city to your hideout in the mountains in style. . . EDITOR

from GizMag


December 18, 2012

New Zealand architectural and interior design firm W2 has never designed a caravan before – and it shows. The Romotow fold-out luxury caravan is unlike anything we’ve come across before.

And that’s a deliberate distinction – W2 Director Stuart Winterbourn told Gizmag he’s never found caravans all that interesting: “To a lot of people, they’re not desirable … including us. Generally, you’re using it in summer, and it’s stinking hot, and you don’t really want to be inside a caravan. And if you don’t want to be inside, you’ve got maybe some sort of screen you can pull out, and a rickety chair and table … it’s not that nice. . . . Read Complete Report w/ slide show


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