Just When You Thought It was Safe… By Rick Osmon

Just When You Thought It was Safe, just when you thought we all dodged the bullet, that the Mayan calendar was wrong, or the interpretation of it was wrong, that the end of the world as we know it had somehow been forestalled… well, not exactly.




I’m old enough to remember (and young enough to still remember) 9/11, Y2K, H1N1, Vietnam, Haiti, Mogadishu, the Achille Lauro, the 72 Olympics, the 1963 Missile Crisis, Bopal, India, Jim Jones, Heaven’s Gate, H-Bomb tests, lighting off the Large Hadron Collider. I even remember my dad explaining to me when I was four why it was a dangerous thing for the Soviet Union to have both A-Bombs and Sputnik. It managed to frighten three generations of Americans into trusting their government over all else.

I watched as Saddam burned the oil fields of Kuwait and all the doomsday pundits predicted the smoke would cause a famine in India. Instead, India had a bumper crop. The oil smoke probably did far less long term environmental damage than the depleted uranium rounds used to pulverize Saddam’s Republican Guard.

Smoke and ash from coal is going to kill off all living things by the end of the century. An asteroid is going to kill off all living things in 2036. A nuclear winter is going to kill off all living things any day now. Ebola, swine Flu, Anthrax, tainted foods, lead paint, fracking, drilling, blasting, cigarettes, Twinkies. Well, we all have to go sometime from something, but I don’t think we’re all gonna go at the SAME time from the SAME thing (although the asteroid thing is a doozie).

However, that still leaves a lot of room for the “as we know it” part.

In fact, if you consider things as a whole, it already happened.

We” blamed it on Osama Bin Ladin because “we” wanted to be safe on airplanes.

Now “we” are gonna look for a way to keep guns out of the hands of our criminals and our deranged while crafting devious ways to put more guns in the hands of deranged Mexican criminals. “We” are gonna make it impossible for some nut to get hold of a good semi-automatic rifle or pistol. And we are informed that “we” want that to happen. Well, yeah we do want it to be impossible for a lone nut gunman to be able to slaughter twenty or thirty innocents.

That’s not the real question nor is it the real goal.

As the graphic below shows quite clearly, somehow the 2% who apparently can’t read and the 1% who don’t want to make a decision is now “US“.


gun voters


I had the following chat conversation on Facebook earlier tonight. Yeah, I know, I exercised my 1st Amendment Right(s) in front of the world.

  • MAS: 2nd Admin (sic) says to be able to defend yourself against Govt too. So how much fire power does a person need to defend themselves from their own government in this day and age? So logically you need more than simple guns to protect yourself today.
  • MAS: PS the most dangerous gun, is the gun that is thought to be unloaded.
  • Rick Osmon And those are the ones they want to take away (first)
  • MAS: So if you have a record, crazy, killer, so on, their freedoms should not be trampled on.
  • Rick Osmon No, (MAS), those people are not (read as “no longer”) eligible – even under current law. Felons can’t legally own firearms more advanced than muzzle loading, black powder guns (deer rifles) in any of the states. Background checks have been in place for more than forty years and the Feds aren’t doing their job that’s already written into law. Nor are the mental health centers / officials (Aurora , CO). The US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has upheld the 2nd amendment as an “individual” right 17 times [sic; should be 7, not 17]. Adding more laws about guns is no answer. Getting rid of guns is not a good answer. “So if you have a record, crazy, killer, so on, their freedoms should not be trampled on”. The felons gave up their rights when they committed a felony, the deranged should not have been near a hammer, let alone a gun. No, it’s not about taking away their tools, it’s about taking away our rights, the law abiding, sober citizens.
    And by the way, I consider all guns fully loaded, full time. And that is certainly true of mine. An unloaded gun is far less effective against a thug with a baseball bat.
    So, what happens if the Federal Government in the form of Joe Biden, aka Mr, AWB, outlaws anything that qualifies as a firearm? I hope it doesn’t come to that. This guy feels the same way.

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