Did LBJ, Nixon steal Doc Noss’ Victorio Peak Gold? (W/Video)


Published: Jan. 17, 2013 Updated: Jan. 18, 2013 9:02 a.m.

Part III of the Treasure Hunt. Previously: “The Gold House: The True Story of Victorio Peak,” by John Clarence, is the most thorough probe to date on the 75-year-old lost-treasure mystery that has consumed the family of the late Doc Noss.

The two most incredible allegations in the book are that presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixonhad a hand in stealing gold. . . . Read Complete Report


Mysterious Treasure at Victorio Peak Pt 1

From youtube uploaded by Andrew Lutzke on Feb 24, 2010

Mysterious Treasure at Victorio Peak Pt 2



  1. Alex says:

    The Victorio Peak books (The Gold House trilogy) are finally available!!
    After 8 years of research and writing by John Clarence and Tom Whittle, the Victorio Peak saga is finally available in hardcover and Ebook formats in a three-book sequel entitled the Gold House trilogy, which has been touted as the ‘Victorio Peak bible.’ I have read the reviews by prominent authors and scholars who support the charges leveled against the government and others made by Clarence and Whittle. I am also told the writers are planning to release a document book that proves the allegations made in the books. The books are packed with photos, endnotes, and an index and they are available on Nook, Kobo, Amazon-Kindle, iBookstore, and in a limited hardback first edition, which are available at http://www.victoriopeak.com. Here is the subject matter of the new books that are being released by the authors:

    “Book 1, The Discovery, covers the years when Doc and Ova Noss lived at their campsite in the Hembrillo Basin, before and after they discovered the treasure inside Victorio Peak. The Discovery details the events that took place during that time period and include: the discovery itself, the turbulent lives of Doc and Ova, the sequence of events that led to Doc’s murder, and Ova’s removal from the Peak by the military in 1955.

    “Book 2, The Lies, The Thefts, is a highly-documented account covering the years 1958 to 1978 when the treasure was being plundered by military and civilian personnel who were empowered by people at the highest levels of our government. Intrigue, documented thefts, lies, cover-ups, and murder are the underpinnings of this astonishing exposé. Names, dates, places, photos, and documents prove the case against the government and others.

    “Book 3, Executive Order, spans the years from 1979 to 2000 when Terry Delonas, Ova Noss’s grandson, mounted an expedition to recover what remained of the treasure. This book separates the facts from the lies and meticulously details the corruption and the crimes committed by the military at White Sands Missile Range to cripple the expedition, including, but not limited to: lies and deceit, false and deliberate overbillings, and illegal changes to the expedition’s agreed-upon license contract are cited.”


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